5 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Grandfather

Remember the times when you looked forward to those extra christmas gifts from your grandparents? Tucked in stockings or hidden somewhere in the heap of gifts under that christmas tree would be the special gift from grandpa. Well, it’s that time of the year again and if you look forward to buying some special gifts for your grandpa as much as I do, here are 5 perfect gift ideas for your grandfather:

The gifts have been selected keeping the following criteria in mind:

  1. Practical – He should be able to use them frequently.
  2. Immediately usable – He would rather use it immediately than keep it for later
  3. Ease of use – Nothing complicated to confuse him.
  4. Proclaim “I Care” – Something that speaks loud and clear that you care for him.


  1. Foot Massager Machine – Who doesn’t like a good foot massage to feel pampered. The added benefits of increasing blood circulation, stimulating muscles, easing pain and taking care of toes and nails makes a foot massager machine an ideal gift for your beloved grandpa.
  2. Smart Watch With Fall Detector – Gone are the days when grandfathers were gifted vintage watches. It is time your grandpa had a smart watch with fitness trackers and fall detectors. This will give him the confidence of indulging in various activities at home and outside without having to worry. Make sure the emergency call numbers are set in the watch. The new Apple 5 series has gyroscope and motion detector which sends an alarm within seconds of the person falling and not being able to move.
  3. Miniature Oak Barrel Wine/Whiskey Making Set – This is easy to make, gives a feel of tasting wine from a vinery and is a perfect gift for amateur vintners and others alike. Don’t forget to sip a glass of wine/whisky from these oak barrels during your next visit to your grandfather’s.
  4. Lifetime Subscription – A lifetime subscription to a club or TV channel or App of their choice is a perfect way of letting them know you care. Make sure to click on the Auto pay mode before you gift it to him. You don’t want him to have to remind you.
  5. Adult Tricycle – Fitting into all the 4 criteria, is a 3 wheel adult bike. He can experience the fun and joy of biking without having to worry about balancing it. It will give him the exercise he needs with the support required. Getting out into a park or a trail or even to the library or his favorite spot in the city can become so much more fun with an adult tricycle. You might want to help him get used to it initially ( there are videos that can help him do it if you cannot do it in person) and then, there will be no stopping him. Give him the joy of a practical, immediately usable, easy to use adult tricycle this Christmas and see the joy on his face!

“There is no better gift than the honor of your presence. ” If you can spend some time with your grandpa this Christmas, then go ahead and do that.

Wishing you and your grandfather a Merry Christmas!

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