Inflatable Hot Tubs: the Good, the Bad & Ugly

Are you thinking twice about purchasing an inflatable hot tub for your home? Are you worried that investing your hard earn money in buying one won’t be a good idea? Well, this article gives you an insight into everything you should know before making any decision.

Inflatable hot tubs vary in price, and you can always purchase one according to your budget. The reasonable price fits most budgets, and so you don’t have to save enough cash for years to buy and install a hot tub in your home. These tubs are a fantastic way to relax after a long day or grueling workout. Hot tubs are smaller when compared to the traditional hot tub; hence they are portable. You can relocate a hot tub to your preferred location, and once installed, you will require an automatic pump to inflate your inflatable hot tub.

The design of the inflatable hot tub is meant to give the user the required comfort. Seating and jet systems are standard features found in most inflatable hot tubs. However, some only have a blower system that moves water around the tub but doesn’t provide the same system offered by the jet system. The process involved in installing these tubs is relatively easy. You only need to inflate them by filling the tub with water from your garden hose. High-quality materials can last for a long while less expensive materials can only last for about one to two seasons.

Most of the tubs require 110 wiring for a complete installation. However, some may require more. Unlike other tubs, an inflatable tub doesn’t require special water treatment to kill bacteria that frequently build up in the tub. Instead, you can empty the tub at the end of each day and wash it using warm soapy water. It would be best if you also rinse after cleaning to ensure no soap residue is left.

While you can have a lot to pride yourself with after installing inflatable hot tubs in your spa, you will want to consider some ugly drawbacks. Noise will be the last thing you will need while enjoying every bit of your time in the bath. However, the air blower built into the pump used to inflate the tub may be a source of unnecessary noise during setup. If you’re used to standard tubs, don’t be surprised to find out that your new inflatable hot tub lacks seating. But if you don’t mind, you will still find it worthy as most are designed with the padded floor on the bottom.

Another ugly thing about certain models of inflatable hot tubs is the location of filters. Most often, standard hot tubs have filters located inside the pump unit for quick access. However, this may not be obvious for inflatable hot tubs; some have filters along the bottom inner portion of the tub, making it hard to pop in a new filter.

Therefore, if you are yet to purchase an inflatable hot tub for your home, determine if the cost differences balance by way of good and ugly facts above before making a final decision.

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