LG LP1017WSR Air Conditioner Unit Review

I bought the LG model as a favor for my cousin, who was moving to Florida last summer and wanted a good portable AC (as per climatastic.com reviews). When it arrived, We checked the unit together and I was so thrilled with it that I couldn’t resist and bought one for myself.

I won’t deny it, when we first got it in its original LG box without exterior box, I was worried it might be got damaged on the trip here. Fortunately, it was completely unharmed, and it looked just as nice as the picture: white, sleek and clean with a glossy finish on the front and the high-tech control panel, although a bit on the chunky side. My cousin was a bit confused trying to open it, but once we realized the inner box could simply be pulled up from the top to reveal the unit, it was a piece of cake

We proceed to the installation. It was not as easy as I expected and we got into a bit of trouble with the vent hose. However, LG has a very useful online video on their website, and that helps us a lot. Once we watch the video and got everything connected as it should, the hose simply felt in place as it should. I think the best you can do is follow the instructions, and check the video while you install it. It will be faster for you that way.

All in all, It took us 45 minutes to have the unit installed and running. We kept the box, as the unit was meant to travel to Florida with my cousin.

Then we turned the AC on. And oh boy, it worked perfectly! It cooled the living room in my 900 square feet condo really fast. In 15 minutes the unit has cooled down the place to a comfortable 72 degrees on a really hot 88-degree day. Absolutely chilly and very comfy. Even the kitchen, which is separated from the living room with a wall, felt downright fresh.

Another thing that surprised me was the noise level. I was expecting something louder. I mean, of course, it’s noisy, it’s an air conditioner. It can’t be helped. But the noise level is quite tolerable, and if you have the unit on your living room on a hot day, you can drown it really easy with your TV. If I have to compare it, I will say it sounds like a large fan on high speed. It’s not annoying at all, and the white noise can actually help you sleep if you are a light sleeper like me. However, If you are obsessed with silence, you might be looking for something else.

It also includes a nice remote control with swing feature that made the panes move up and down, helping on with air circulation and making it even more useful in enclosed spaces. Kudos to LG!

All in all, I’m giving it a 4/5 stars rate due to the not-so-easy installation. But mind that I liked this LG Portable AC unit so much, I ended up buying another one for my home, so that should tell you something!